Yes, you need a photographer. But if that were it, your Uncle Joe could probably do the job. Here’s why I wouldn’t recommend it.

You need a photographer who will pay attention to the small stuff, and is present to answer all of your questions from the moment you shake hands.

You want someone that you feel completely at ease with (like family, minus the fighting part, of course!). Feeling comfortable makes the picture-taking part effortless and fun.

You want someone who is completely accustomed to the pace of a wedding day, or whatever event we’re sharing, and knows where to be to ensure all the best moments are captured beautifully.

You want someone who remains attentive after the big day, who can help you navigate the process of creating heirloom-quality albums, as well as ensuring your prints are created with the highest quality paper. You should never feel like yesterday’s news.

I’d love the opportunity to become your photographer. For now, for later. If you want, you can even call me Uncle Joe. Just don’t tell him that you like me better.

Wedding packages start at $1750.00