Roselawn Centre

I’m a fairly new import to this town, well, that’s my excuse, but truth be told, my work has taken me past this place many times over the years. Built in 1860, this gem of Victorian architecture is now a thriving Arts Centre. Its grounds are nicely manicured, and served as a wonderful backdrop to a recent wedding shoot. I really should get out more. 🙂




So the text started out, “I have a crazy request! Could we do our engagement shoot on the Bruce Peninsula?!” Hard to say no, right? I mean, I still want to be able to say, that with a bit of encouragement, I am still a willing road warrior!

Let’s just say that for most of the shots, I left it to my clients as to where they placed their feet. And yes, we scaled some pretty substantial rock faces to get our shots. National Geographic here I come. The many hikers were pretty perplexed, if not amazed, to see a petite brunette in a summer dress and flats, do the work of a sure-footed mountain goat. He knew exactly where the epic shot would be, and led us to it.

Now, 950km later (on one tank of diesel, I might add), along with my long-suffering partner, I am back in the studio checking out the results.

Definitely worth it.

Your Story. Told By You. Illustrated By Me. Retold By You.

Your Story. Told By You. Illustrated By Me. Retold By You.

I’ve always enjoyed a good Robert Munsch children’s story. I mean, who doesn’t?! But if you’ve ever had the opportunity to see him tell his stories to a classroom of small children, well, it’s simply masterful. His Illustrator (bet you can’t remember the name), does an incredible job of capturing the emotions and moments with images that evoke the original intentions as when the story was first told. It’s an amazing partnership of storyteller and illustrator that energizes the author of the story each time they retell it.

I love to see people tell their story, and appreciate that they’ve given me the opportunity to illustrate it for them with my camera. So that they can retell it for a lifetime. Even if you can’t remember my name.


PS. His name is Michael Martchenko.

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That Veil

Unscripted. Unruly. It was perfect.

The wind was having its way that day, and all the hairspray in the world was no match for Mother Nature. It was great opportunity to ‘just keep shooting’, because what emerged was an exquisitely posed candid photo. A ‘posedid’.

It’s amazing when it happens. It’s the moment when the bride or groom completely forget that you’re there, clicking away, and you see them as they really are, sans the up-do, makeup, and dress. This is who they are on a typical Friday night. Jeans, and a concert t-shirt. At first, they attempt to manage the unmanageable, but when they realize that their carefully choreographed day might have a few moments that are more akin to a barn dance, and they just let go… well frankly, it. is. magic.

Of course, a bride with a great sense of humour is pretty integral to the equation. A bride who isn’t afraid to let the dress earn its keep that day, so that one day the snags, or a bit of mud on the Louis’, or the story that comes with the image, elicit that same unscripted smile.