So the text started out, “I have a crazy request! Could we do our engagement shoot on the Bruce Peninsula?!” Hard to say no, right? I mean, I still want to be able to say, that with a bit of encouragement, I am still a willing road warrior!

Let’s just say that for most of the shots, I left it to my clients as to where they placed their feet. And yes, we scaled some pretty substantial rock faces to get our shots. National Geographic here I come. The many hikers were pretty perplexed, if not amazed, to see a petite brunette in a summer dress and flats, do the work of a sure-footed mountain goat. He knew exactly where the epic shot would be, and led us to it.

Now, 950km later (on one tank of diesel, I might add), along with my long-suffering partner, I am back in the studio checking out the results.

Definitely worth it.