Unscripted. Unruly. It was perfect.

The wind was having its way that day, and all the hairspray in the world was no match for Mother Nature. It was great opportunity to ‘just keep shooting’, because what emerged was an exquisitely posed candid photo. A ‘posedid’.

It’s amazing when it happens. It’s the moment when the bride or groom completely forget that you’re there, clicking away, and you see them as they really are, sans the up-do, makeup, and dress. This is who they are on a typical Friday night. Jeans, and a concert t-shirt. At first, they attempt to manage the unmanageable, but when they realize that their carefully choreographed day might have a few moments that are more akin to a barn dance, and they just let go… well frankly, it. is. magic.

Of course, a bride with a great sense of humour is pretty integral to the equation. A bride who isn’t afraid to let the dress earn its keep that day, so that one day the snags, or a bit of mud on the Louis’, or the story that comes with the image, elicit that same unscripted smile.